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Verified Oct 07, 2022
United States

"As usual foodservice direct is a great…"

As usual foodservice direct is a great company. Our orders are always delivered promptly and if there is a problem fsd always fixes it. Thank you from a happy customer.

Date of experience: Oct 07, 2022

Verified Sep 27, 2022
United States

"Saved the Day"

We ordered this pasta due to limited access from our usual supplier. Very impressed with the quality and prompt delivery. Bulk discounts would be highly favored.

Date of experience: Sep 27, 2022

Verified Sep 27, 2022
United States

"Good in packaging but need to improve @ quick response"

Food Service Direct is prompt in processing and packaging order no damage so far. only thing tracking # given are not matching sometimes and We being in West coast, it takes lots of time to connect with CSR via email. FSD should improve with : 1. Modifying their quick response to customer 2. using either "call" or 3. online "chat" or 4. "Text messaging".

Date of experience: Sep 27, 2022

Reply from Foodservicedirect Sep 28, 2022

Hello, Thank you for the response. We offer all of those services. If you have any issue with your order or simply have any questions. You can either text with us our sms number is (424) 373-3663. We also have another text service with our marketing team if you have any questions you will be connected with one of our customer service reps. We also offer live chat via our webpage pop up. You can also call us at any time to speak with a live agent. Please we would be more than happy if you utilize all of our services. We would love to assist you. :)

Verified Sep 10, 2022

"Very disappointed in recent orders."

I have ordered from your company several times in the past few years but I doubt if I will use it again after the past few months. I ordered a case of Heinz whole dill pickles several months ago and paid $48 for them. I received an email two weeks later stating that they were out of stock and my payment could be used for other orders or I could wait until they were back in stock. I chose to wait. After another two months I gave up and settled for ordering a case of Heinz dill slices instead. After another two weeks, I received an email stating that the items were damaged in transit and I could re-order them or wait for...blah blah blah. Another few weeks passed and I received an email stating that the whole dills were now available. I followed the link and ordered them in less than 1 minute after the email appeared in my inbox. I then received an email a week later that the item was no longer in stock. So to recap, Food Service Direct has had $48 of my money for the past three months and I have nothing to show for it except disappointing emails.

Date of experience: Sep 10, 2022

Reply from Foodservicedirect Sep 13, 2022

Thank you for the feedback. I am so sorry to hear that your experience with our company has not met your expectations.Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and I am truly sorry that wasn't demonstrated to you. I've flagged your email as urgent for our team to review. Please watch for an email within the next 12-24 hours! Please let us know if you have any additional questions, concerns, or comments, or if we may be of assistance at any point in the future.

Verified Aug 30, 2022
United States

"Excellent customer service!"

I ordered a product that was listed as fully cooked. What I actually received was not fully cooked. I contacted the company and they resolved the issue quickly by refunding my money. This had to have cost the company because the shipment was a frozen delivery which isn't cheap. They were very helpful and promised to let me know when the "Fully Cooked" item was back in stock. I would highly recommend this company.

Date of experience: Aug 30, 2022

Verified Aug 29, 2022
United States

"great products that are so hard to find…"

great products that are so hard to find from our local club and this company stands behind its products _i have had a couple crappy delivery's no fault of FSD and they stood behind them TY

Date of experience: Aug 29, 2022

Verified Aug 17, 2022

"They do it all great"

I like Food Service Direct because of the selection,service and shipping.They do it all great and that's why I buy from Food Service Direct.

Date of experience: Aug 17, 2022

Verified Aug 15, 2022
United States

"Incredible company!"

My order was delayed in transit during a heat wave (95+ degrees and 70-80% humidity), and my products arrived fully frozen and in perfect condition! FoodServiceDirect goes above and beyond to ensure that you are a happy customer, with EVERY order. The product quality and exceptional customer service is by far the best I’ve ever experienced. Thank you FoodServiceDirect!

Date of experience: Aug 15, 2022

Reply from Foodservicedirect Aug 18, 2022

Thank you for the feedback! We are thrilled to have you as part of the Food service direct family!

Verified Aug 12, 2022
United States

"Great Company!"

Food Service Direct is an excellent company to order from. They keep you updated, so you know when to expect the order to come. Everything is always packaged carefully and the dry ice is still partially frozen. My product is always still frozen solid. I love FSD and will continue to order from them.

Date of experience: Aug 12, 2022

Verified Aug 04, 2022
United States

"Canceling an order"

I've generally been happy with Foodservicedirect for the many years I've been using them. There was one thing this time. I accidently ordered something that I meant to remove from my cart. It took several emails to cancel the order and even though it does appear to have been canceled I never received a clear confirmation of that.

Date of experience: Aug 04, 2022

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