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About Reviewrit

We bring consumers and businesses together to make things better

We're Reviewrit

Reviewrit was founded in 2012 with a vision to create an independent currency of trust. We're a digital platform that brings businesses and consumers together to foster trust and inspire collaboration. We're free to use, open to everybody, and built on transparency.

Reviewrit hosts reviews to help consumers shop with confidence, and deliver rich insights to help businesses improve the experiences they offer. The more consumers use our platform and share their own opinions, the richer the insights we offer businesses, and the more opportunities they have to earn the trust of consumers from all around the world.

Mark Twain CEO

Consumers Succes is our GOAL!

We started Reviewrit to give all consumers a powerful voice and all companies a way to listen, respond, and continually improve. That builds trust because this happens in a transparent environment with no pre-moderation or censorship.