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Verified Oct 10, 2022
United Kingdom

"Not what I expected"

Just finished wonderful soft crabs purchased in Glen Burnie MD. Saw soft crabs on Crab Dynasty site and ordered twelve to stock my freezer. I have has four and unfortunately they were not soft, but paper shells. They were shipped in two 'six-packs' and admittedly the one I opened was not as sealed as the second. Whether this had anything to do with the crabs, I don't know. Hoping the others will be soft and not a harder shell. Maybe someone can tell me how to cook a paper shell.

Date of experience: Oct 10, 2022

Verified Sep 27, 2022
United States

"Size does matter!"

Ordered from you 3 times before, but this last order was not up to par! Instead of 6 jumbo males being sent as ordered, 12 small crabs came. In this scenario, size does matter! Most were tossed because only the claws had meat, which was dry. 😢

Date of experience: Sep 27, 2022

Verified Sep 26, 2022
United States

"Great Experience, Super Fast Delivery"

Thanks Crab Dynasty for an amazing experience. I was a little skeptical about ordering sea food by mail, but let me tell you the crab legs and stone crab claws were absolutely delicious. Arrived very quickly and were frozen solid. You definitely will be getting more of my business. My family was blown away. I highly recommend Crab Dynasty. Thank you for a Wonderful experience!

Date of experience: Sep 26, 2022

Verified Jul 04, 2022
United States

"it was easy to order and arrived early"

it was easy to order and arrived early. i would give it a 5 if not only for some of the crabs were kinda skinny :-)

Date of experience: Jul 04, 2022

Verified Jul 01, 2022
United Kingdom

"They tried"

I ordered steamed crabs to be delivered on a specific date and called to be sure they would be. However The day they were ti be delivered I received a notification that they would be delivered the next day. I had 6 people coming to enjoy the crabs for my boyfriends birthday. To day I was upset is putting it mildly. I emailed crab dynasty and they tried to make it right but it was a UPS problem that could not be fixed. As upset as I was, I was pleased with Crab Dynasty’s efforts and the fact that they gave me a refund. The crabs when they arrived, were delicious though we had to thro some out since we did not have the crowd we planned on.

Date of experience: Jul 01, 2022

Verified Jun 05, 2022
United States

"They have earn my business!"

First time customer and ordered for a vacation trip to Florida. UPS completely failed on their part of the delivery but the majority of my order (steamed crabs) was salvageable and to my surprise they were great. Made crab dynasty aware of UPS delayed delivery and they kept in contact with me assuring me they would rectify any issues I had with my order and they did. And for that they earned a loyal customer.

Date of experience: Jun 05, 2022

Verified May 29, 2022
United States

"Super tasty crabs"

Super tasty Maryland crabs fresh and well packaged will buy from again !! trust me I am from Baltimore .if only they offered Maryland Silver Queen Corn to go with their crabs then that would truly make it the best.

Date of experience: May 29, 2022

Verified May 19, 2022
United States

"I ordered a bushel of jumbo male…"

I ordered a bushel of jumbo male steamed hard crabs from crab dynasty and they arrived on the exact date that I asked for! And they were delicious!!! My hold family had a wonderful time and I just want to personally thank crab dynasty.com for their service they gave to me.

Date of experience: May 19, 2022

Verified Apr 26, 2022
United States

"ordered my crabs on a Thurs"

ordered my crabs on a Thurs. and Fri they were delivered. Great taste and fresh as can be. Best place to get fresh crabs.

Date of experience: Apr 26, 2022

Verified Apr 08, 2022
United States

"Don't Wait ,Hurry up an Buy.."

To be honest,I was a skeptical 🧐🧐,with placing an online order for 2Dozen live Blue crab.Tge process was smooth an seamless,an the choice in dates you provide was a plus,After receiving my order,only (2) we're expired after inspection.The joy of seeing live crab in my kitchen is something to marvel At the price point ,it's a turn around for sure 😃😊😃.Will be making a healthy order to test your quality in numbers ,thanks for an amazing 🤩🤩 ,product.

Date of experience: Apr 08, 2022

About Crab Dynasty

Crab Dynasty is a family owned business that started out as a small garage-run operation, delivering seafood to cities in New York and Connecticut in various vehicles including a 1978 Chevette! We did just about everything to make sure that all of our customers were satisfied. Now, we are a nationwide wholesaler that supplies every major market with seafood coast to coast. With our outstanding customer service, we have achieved new heights by offering our seafood online. Our partnership with UPS will ensure the freshest delivery of seafood..

4884 Crisfield Highway 21817 Crisfield United States


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